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T5 Lighting Solutions


Convert your existing T8 fluorescent fittings to T5.

Up to 60% Energy Saving

Eskom Approved for Rebate

Attributes of the T5 Product

Reduces electricity consumption by an average of 40 – 50%.
40% Lower Carbon Dioxide emissions than T8.
30% brighter light emitted per Watt than T8.
Lights instantaneously (No-flickering).
Life-span of T5 fluorescent tube 10 000 hours.
Simple, quick and cost-effective installation.

What is T8 Fluorescent Lighting?

T8 lighting refers to the conventional fluorescent lighting tubes common in most commercial buildings world-wide.
T8 lighting in South Africa is available in either 2, 4 or 5 foot fittings as a standard.
T80% of T8 lighting used in South Africa is 4 foot in length.
T8 lighting utilizes an inefficient magnetic ballast system where large amounts of electricity are wasted.

What is T5 Fluorescent Lighting?

T5 fluorescent lighting technology is being introduced into the world market in reaction to demands for reduced electricity consumption.
T5 lighting utilizes an electronic ballast which is far more energy efficient than the T8 Magnetic ballast.
Currently, converting to T5 technology requires the replacement of the